Our team is headed up by two prominent tour guides, Constantinos Sfikas and Daniel Ischakis. both having a strong breadth and depth of knowledge of Jewish history in Greece.

Constantinos is a professor at the Thessaloniki Tour Guide School. Thessalonki, often called the second Jerusalem, was home to a major Jewish community for 500 years.

He has worked extensively with American universities and is experienced in senior travel, as well as VIP tours, escorting high State officials.

As the innovator of the first Jewish Tour of Thessaloniki, as well as the Jewish Tour of Greece, he is particularly proud of the distinguished recognition of his 96 year old mother, by the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, for her contribution to the community during the Holocaust.

Daniel was born and raised in Athens and has 10 years’ experience guiding tours to Jewish sites all over the country, with a deep understanding and knowledge of all aspects of Jewish life and its history in Greece.

He speaks English, French and Greek and a little Hebrew. His father has been a well-known Jewish tour guide for many years and is the last Greek-Jewish cantor in the country, who still officiates at many ceremonies.

Both Constantinos, Daniel and their team look forward to the opportunity to share the rich, varied and poignant Jewish history of Greece with you.