The EURO is the official currency while on board. There is an optional credit system for expenses on board that may be paid/settled at the end of the cruise. Most major currencies and traveller’s cheques are accepted/exchanged at their official exchange rate. Credit cards are accepted on board.

Smoking is not permitted to any of our passengers or member of the crew in any indoor part of the ship.

There are fins, masks and snorkels available on board for use during swim stops. You can also find a small borrowing library as well as board games and playing cards for your amusement. Movies are often shown in the vessels’ lounges, so please check in the Daily Program for show times.

Shore excursions are not included in the cruise fares, unless specified according to the cruise schedule/ports of call visited. Shore excursions are subject to shore and weather conditions and based on a minimum participation.

Ports of call on your itinerary have been carefully selected to ensure Jewish Heritage site are viewed whenever possible, coupled with on board lectures by guides knowledgeable with Greece’s Jewish history. This is combined with an effort to give our guests an understanding of the local customs and traditions at all places visited en route.

In addition, the cruise concept is unique for offering a small ship experience in the pampering environment of our premium motor sailers and mega yachts. We strive to make our guests feel as if they were spending their precious vacation days on a friend’s private yacht. As you are about to experience, this is not a typical cruise. We assure you that everything in our control has been done to secure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable time onboard. We have combined the cruise experience with ample leisure time in each port, including overnights, so our guests are encouraged to explore local culinary traditions and culture and to interact with the local people. Furthermore, due to their size, our small ships will reach the heart of every destination, where big cruise ships cannot.

Passengers are requested to be on board 2 hours prior to departure. Disembarkation is after breakfast at approximately 9am. Please also note that sailing times are listed in the Daily Program and you must comply with the specified “ALL ABOARD” time, also posted on the Notice Board. If you are not onboard by the set time, it will be your own responsibility if you miss the ship. The “all aboard” time is 15 minutes prior to the vessel’s departure time.

There are no recreational facilities for children and reservations for those under the age of eleven are not advised. Taking that into consideration please note that children onboard are their parents's sole responsibility.

There is no doctor on board any of the small ships. In case of an emergency, some members of the crew are trained to offer first aid. Medical care is available at all ports of call, which are always close. In case of discomfort, please contact a crew member immediately.